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As an offensive line coach, I am always searching for new and innovative ways to improve my player's skills.  As many of us do, I incorporate board drills into my every day drills (EDDS).  I noticed because of natural human kinetics and build that no matter mow many reps my guys took they would always lose their base whenever we moved from the chutes to the sled. Basically, when they got tired... they lost their base.  I needed a board that attached (and detached) from sleds! Unfortunately, nothing on the market met my demands. That's why I worked tirelessly with professional coaches and players to design the ultimate training tool - The Versaboard. Our chute board is a game-changer for football players of all levels, offering an unparalleled training experience.

So, the Versaboard was born out of my frustration with the lack of a product available for coaches and players alike.  Our chute board is designed to be easy to use and highly effective, helping players improve their skills in a fraction of the time. If you're looking for a top-of-the-line training tool, look no further than The Versaboard.

Casey Turley

Equipment Staff, NFL, UFL, AFL & NCAA

“I’ve got 23 years of experience on equipment staffs, and have worked from the NFL, College, Arena League and even in High School.  This is HANDS DOWN the best piece of equipment you could add to your practice field.  It’s convenience, safety and versatility is bar none!” 

Anthony Davis

Former 9 year NFL Offensive Lineman

As a former athlete who has spent time playing in the League, I understand the importance of having the right equipment on the field. That's why I'm proud to recommend the Versaboard, the only chute board specifically designed to provide superior safety and performance. Thier team of experts nailed this one.  I have never seen a board perform like this.  It gives you an edge and its designed with athletes in mind.  It will have you prepared and most importantly on the field come gameday.

Craig Moore

Head Coach Hocking College

After two seasons of consistently using the Versaboard in our training sessions, we've seen tremendous results in our team's performance. In our first year of using the chute board, we had the best rushing season in school history, ranking second in the nation in Rushing Yards per game. With its sturdy design and adjustable features, we have complete control over our drills needs, allowing us to modify the equipment to meet the needs of our players. The Versaboard is an essential part of our training sessions, and we wouldn't want to go without it.

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