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The most innovative base trainig tool available.  The Versaboard will out perform every other chute board on the market.  It wins in every category: Versatility, Safety, Durability, Portability and Storage.  It will perform as a traditional chute board and then go mibile by attaching itself to over 34 sleds on the market.  If its metal, it will connect.  This is a no brainer when adding to your aresenal of field equipment.

The Versaboard

SKU: 2019450
$250.00 Regular Price
$200.00Sale Price
  • A FULL SET OF FIVE Versaboards come fully assembled.  They are 12" wide x 8' long and weigh 16 lbs.  They ARE customizeable and can be altered to better suit your needs. Any boards that are altered may not be returned.

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